Monday, 10 August 2009

The Gathering by Rick Kelley Wholesale Framed Art

The Gathering by Rick Kelley is a two part framed art print in the wildlife and bird genre featuring a meeting of birds ~ a male and female cardinal, black capped chickadee and purple finch on the garden fencepost. Presumably discussing the day's events, this peaceful and serene fine framed art print is, in a word, beautiful.

The Gathering by Rick Kelley

This lovely framed art print will be a valued addition wherever you decide to display it! Perfect for wildlife, nature and bird lovers.

North American Art is your source for fine framed wholesale art prints!

This print is mounted. Then, we frame it with two top mats and fit it with glass.

Find out more about The Gathering by Rick Kelley right here!

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To see wholesale pricing you need to register with North American Art as a customer and receive an email saying your discount has been established.  We only sell wholesale. We also sell wholesale precut mats and wholesale ready made frames.  If you are interested in a quotation on custom wholesale framed art programs, we will quickly review your request and provide you with a quote.  We manufacture wholesale framed art for furniture stores, gift stores, and distrbutors.  We also manufacture framed mirrors wholesale.  If your print, poster, or mirror needs a frame or mat, we can meet your needs.

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